Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sewing Classes

We have recently started some sewing classes. On the first week we 'made friends with our sewing machine'.This involved learning how to thread it correctly,wind a bobbin,use various stitches and sew in a reasonably straight line.After this class we were chomping at the bit to make something using our new found skills.

Week 2 we made an envelope cushion cover.

Selecting fabric (all included in the fee)

Measure twice, cut once!

Sewing up!

Ta!! Da!!

Well Done to All

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Honeysuckle colour of 2011

So it has been reveiled that pantones coour of 2011 is Honeysuckle....what do you think???...personally i am a pink kinda sort of....well...not easy to use with men in the same house.... If you are a follower of trends and went all out last year with the turquoise and just want to update then here are a few suggestions....add some these!!

......and love these little stools....

isn't his paper to die for..........

....would you....could you....should you....
Well what do you think???.....honeysuckle or not???